Advertising in augmented reality to Stranger Things in the New York Times

Certainly, Stranger Things does not skimp on the promotion original. After operation iron fist of Microsoft, it is Google and the New York Times that Netflix uses to ensure the promotion of the flagship of its catalogue of series.

The famous american daily newspaper has included in its edition of yesterday an advertisement in pastel tones and shapes resolutely retro. And force is that the hype advertising Netflix worked, as some have immediately made the connection and identified this pub hidden for Stranger Things.

Source: Google Lens

In fact, it is a advertising in augmented reality, the player may reveal it using Google Lens. By doing this, the box comes to life in the manner of the Gazette of the Sorcerer in Harry Potter, revealing an advertisement for the shopping centre Starcourt. This store fictional small town of Hawkins (where takes place the plot of the series) is the scene of some forceful scenes of season 3. There are a number of extras to look very “80’s”, evolving into a small clip-in design is also very retro with its police, its logos, and its boxes taken straight out of another time.

It is also an opportunity for Google to show off its technology Lens ; recently, the company has multiplied the initiatives in this area, for example, by adding models in augmented reality on its results pages.

Recently, Google has also integrated the possibility to obtain information on the works of artists, not only in the scanning with Lens. The end of last may, we were talking to you about the new filters that have been added to the platform since. All examples which show that Google wants to make Lens a tool general public, capable of putting the augmented reality at the service of the small, everyday things.

Google Lens is available via the Wizard on Android or through the app Google on iOS. It should be noted that smartphones are the latest to embark on this technology by default.