Agenda, the manager notes, and project integrates Reminders

Agenda, this application is fairly original note-taking and management of small projects on iOS and macOS now integrates with Reminders by Apple. Output early 2018, this utility has distinguished itself from its competitors by focusing on the links that it establishes between notes, and calendar events. That is the whole idea : a content we created in Calendar can have a time dimension.

This time these are reminders that we can insert in his notes. This will be a task to be done in connection with a note that it is in the process of writing, as a check point or stroke of the wire to go in order to complete a passage.

All reminders created in Calendar are automatically added to Recalls of Apple. They contain a link which will open the note in Agenda. This last point is worth only on macOS. On iOS, the link is visible but inoperable, due to system constraint.

Adding a reminder in a Calendar note

For the more-capable keyboard, the addition of a recall can be done by a command like “\remind(tomorrow) ” but it won’t work than typing in English. It is a pity in this respect that this application is still not translated in other languages than English and Dutch.

Calendar can be used free of charge and many of its functions are subject to an annual payment of € 28. The editor has, however, taken a different path to other software. Once the features have been unlocked they stay in your possession even if you don’t continue the subscription beyond the 12 months. As the user steps back on the free plan, you keep what you paid, but you will no longer have access to future new features, just bug fixes and improvements of existing functions.