Akira : The cult manga will be entitled to a remaster and a new anime adaptation

Akira – Credits Dybex

This is Los Angeles that Katsuhiro Otomo, the creator of the legend Akira has announced that he is currently working on several new projects around its manga cult, as is revealed in the website Hypebeast. In addition to the highly anticipated remaster of the eponymous film, released in 1988, and who should be reborn in 4K on 24 April 2020 in Japan, the author has also confirmed the arrival of a new cartoon based on the story of the original manga. An adaptation of the entirety of the adventures of Shôtarô Kaneda and Tetsuo Shima, which should address some of the key points of the story that have never been mentioned in the feature-length film, but also to offer an end-faithful to the paper version.

On the strength of its 2 200 boards, Akira is a series of seinen which is a figure of reference in the science-fiction japanese. Imagined in 1982, the manga depicts a city of Neo-Tokyo that is ravaged by world war iii in a “future” dystopian anchored in the open 2019. A true masterpiece of the genre, still considered today as one of the most important of his generation. Published by éditions Glénat in France, Akira is a complete set in six volumes, available in color or black and white.

If the announcement of these two adaptations to Akira did not fail to delight fans of the series, Otomo has also benefited from its booth at Anime Expo to announce a brand new project animated by the Sunrise studio Inc, and named the Orbital Era. Currently underway, this new feature should appear as an action film, SF featuring a group of young people living in a space colony in the middle of building.