Alexandre Brasseur away from her children : “I’ve made mistakes…”

Since the summer of 2017, Alexander Brewer participates in the success of the series Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1. An adventure that changed his life and his family life…

In order to keep the distance, the actor, 48-year-old has chosen to move not far from Sète, where the filming of the soap opera (broadcast daily) have been held for two years. “I am very well. It must be said that I have a very special bond with the region : I was baptized, I lived in a pension, my parents have a house in the Afternoon and my grandparents came on holiday. Then, once you get past Montélimar, I’m starting to feel like home“, he explained to our colleagues from Paris Match.

And Alexandre Brasseur, happy with Juliette for over 30 years, to continue his lifestyle in the south of France : “I have not hurt the party at a time, but I do really today. We can not possibly work on a series of daily if you do not have a mode of life quite healthy. It must be legit : I avoid booze and I went to bed early. I’m not complaining about it, I have other pleasures. I love to see the sun rise at dawn to run.”

Finally, he entrusted during his interview with Paris Match that he had to have been sent very early to a boarding by his parents, he assumed today not to live no more with his children. His daughter Jane (18 years old) just passed his bac and his son, Louis (21 years) lives in Spain. “In spite of my absences for work, I was very present and very involved in their education. I did the job the best that I could. Of course, I’ve probably made mistakes, we made them all, but I am very proud to see them take their flight“, he explained.

An interview to find it in full in the magazine Paris match, on newsstands July 11, 2019.