Amazon employees are allowed to go to work with their dogs

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Amazon employees are allowed to go to work with their dogs

In 2018, leaders at Amazon's Seattle headquarters allowed 6,000 dogs to be present at their owners' workplaces. Since the beginning of this year 2019, several hundred pets have been visible daily in the buildings of the e-commerce giant. Their admission is naturally subject to several conditions.

Strict admission requirements

Employers, particularly in the tertiary sector, who accept that their employees come to work with their pets are not yet numerous.

However, the concept of "pets at work" is attracting more and more companies. Those who have decided to tolerate this practice have imposed strict admission requirements on employees who wish to take their four- or two-legged friend to work.

They are required to notify their supervisor and those who share his or her office nearby to obtain their approval.

The animal's vaccines must be up to date and it must be perfectly educated. Some companies also require dog insurance that guarantees the animal's good health through optimal medical care.

Benefits for employees

For a sales team manager at Amazon,

Taking her dog to work with her saves her from leaving him alone at home and worrying about him. Having her close to her also allows her to better focus on her tasks.

In the company's premises, dogs benefit from various advantages to ensure their comfort and well-being.

Spaces are specially designed to provide them with socialization and entertainment: daycare centres, dog parks, beauty salons and restaurants where quality food is served without danger to the health of the animals.

The employer is also a winner

Amazon welcomes some 800 dogs into its facilities every day. A total of 7,000 animals met the admission requirements and received their authorization to be on site.

It has been proven, by dozens of cases during the "pets at work" experiments, that the presence of animals at work contributes greatly to reducing stress, improving concentration, improving communication between colleagues and increasing employee productivity.

In addition, the integration of the dog into the company is a major asset in attracting new employees.