Amir is going to “get to green a small moment”

Amir will withdraw from the media scene, much to the chagrin of its fans. The singer of 35 years, spent by issuing The Voice and the Eurovision contest, has announced that it wants to take a break. The opportunity to take advantage of his wife and their baby.

Interviewed by Chérie FM, so that he still has a few concerts to be given in the framework of his tour following the release of his album Addictions, Amir has surprised by announcing a break. “This will be an opportunity to say goodbye for a little time to the public. I am very happy to throw me on the following and put me in the green for a little while. This break will allow me to do something I have never done, which is to write an album without doing something else in parallel. To devote myself fully to the reflection on the pieces (…) It will be the first time that I’m going to put in me, I’ll rest, I’ll already be in the blank and spend time with my family“, he confided.

But the fans of Amir not worry, this break won’t last forever. Indeed, the recent winner of the Song of the year – thanks to the title for a Long time – has given a few details… “I have a dream to do something new, to feel new emotions. There will be collaborations, that’s for sure. We are going to temptations, we’ll see what it gives, the new marriages !“, a-t-he explained.

Before you even focus on his music, Amir especially will thoroughly enjoy her little family. The hunk, who seems to be almost recovered from his arm injury, will spend time with his wife Lital and with their son, a baby named Mikhael. “I felt as if I, I don’t know if I can rely, that there is a true goal now, that life has taken on a meaning, a cap that is much more clear, much more clear, much more defined. I am no longer among a thousand things. I have the feeling that you know why I exist, î he told on air of the radio Europe 1 last February.

Thomas Montet