An earthquake “impressive”

A Quebecer who lives in Los Angeles has experienced his first earthquake on Friday ; an event that is ” impressive “, but that does not seem to have terrorized the inhabitants of the metropolis of california.

“It was the first time that I really felt. There are from time to time, but small, that last for two or three seconds. But here, we talk about 30 seconds. It was awesome, ” says Sebastien Bérardan, a Montrealer who has lived in California for about 18 months.

“I can say that I have experienced at least one large earthquake,” he said, smiling. The earthquake of magnitude 7.1 occurred on Friday evening near Ridgecrest, California, 250 km north-east of Los Angeles. It is the most powerful earthquake to hit the area in 20 years. It was felt hundreds of kilometers away.

“The dog jumped on the bed and he never does that. A minute later, it shook for about thirty seconds. My roommate yelled “Earthquake, Earthquake”, has also told Mr. Bérardan.

“There, I understood that it was a big one “.

The day before, a jolt of 6.4 on the Richter scale had shaken the same area. Other aftershocks could occur over the next few days, or even next week, in support of the seismologists.

Little damage

Although impressive, the earthquake does not appear to have done any damage to Los Angeles. No one was injured. Near the epicenter, the earthquake has made a few minor injuries and damages are relatively limited.

Amélie Chevalier, who lives in the suburbs of the City of angels for five years, told the Newspaper that he was “surprised” by the earthquake, without having been frightened.

“We sensed the movements coming from the ground. It gave the impression of being on a boat, and we could see our shelves shake, but nothing fell to the floor, ” recounted the woman from Quebec.

“The life follows its course “, she added.

Bad memories

Anaïs Valiquette L’heureux, professor at California State university of Northridge, was in Quebec during the earthquake on Friday, but discussing through video conferencing with one of her students.

However, an earthquake of magnitude of 6.7 struck the place in 1994, destroying many buildings of the campus.

“She was there in 1994. It reminded him of very bad memories, ” said Ms. Valiquette L’heureux.

In addition, the specialist in crisis management has indicated that the situation could be “catastrophic” if a major earthquake struck Los Angeles, particularly because it would affect the supply of oil and gas.

“All the power plants of the city are gas-fired. All could be interrupted for several months : electricity, telecommunications, government operations, public services “, she stated.

The event is intense enough to revive the spectre of ” the Big One “, a mégaséisme potential that would be devastating for this State of the american West.

A possibility that is not concerned about in addition to measure Amélie Chevalier.

“The Big One, this is not a topic which is very discussed by the people I meet here. I am sure that many think, but to me it does not prevent me from sleeping at night ! “

– With the QMI Agency and the AFP