Apple : The AirPods 3 waterproof soon ?

Sales of iPhones may be disappointing for a while, the brand has other things in his bag. And its AirPods are part of it. Headphones wireless from Apple have indeed seen a great success in spite of their rate very high, and Apple has consistently released a second version in 2019 (and took the opportunity to raise their prices). Many chinese manufacturers have also launched in the manufacture of counterfeits are more or less successful.

9to5Mac explains that an analyst firm Wedbush says that Apple might launch a third model before the end of the year. The latter might be water-resistant, which has already been mentioned in previous rumors. But this feature had finally seen the light of day on the last model. Others refer to the possibility of obtaining it in black, only in white.

The AirPods ” traditional “

The aspect waterproof the latter could also induce a change of design. One would imagine that engineers will need to better isolate the microphones and the speakers. On the other hand, this new option is expected to further swell the note. When you know that the Airpods 2 equipped with the case of charge wireless cost already € 229, we can expect the worst.

If Apple decides to comply with this schedule, it seems obvious that these earphones will be available before the Christmas holidays. We can therefore expect to hear about at the next Keynote of the month of September, which will also be the occasion to present the new smartphones. This accessory has already rendered service to the firm, and it should in any case not part with it anytime soon.