Apple has reportedly suspended the development of its augmented reality glasses

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Apple has reportedly suspended the development of its augmented reality glasses

According to new rumours, Apple has abandoned the development of its augmented reality glasses. While the firm has never indicated that it is working on this type of product, many unofficial sources have already mentioned the project.

This is no secret to anyone. Among the new technologies that are not yet available for mass, augmented reality is the one of particular interest to Apple. Tim Cook, the group's boss, has already made this known. And if Apple does not currently offer any products dedicated to augmented reality, the Cupertino company has already equipped the iPhone and iPad with AR features through a developer tool called ARKit.

For some time now, it has also been thought that behind the scenes, Apple would develop augmented reality glasses similar to Google Glass, Microsoft Hololens or Magic Leap helmets.

Will Apple really give up?

Of course, for the time being, this has never been confirmed. And Apple may even have already abandoned this idea. At least, that is what an article from Digital Trend, which relays information from Digitimes, says today.

According to this article, Apple would have stopped developing its glasses, and suspended R&D efforts for them. We do not know exactly why Apple would have made this decision. But among the factors, there would be the departure of a designer.

Of course, this information is currently to be taken with the usual caution, since it comes from unofficial sources. Moreover, other sources could contradict what is being said today about Apple's projects in augmented reality. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, augmented reality is one of the technologies Apple is very interested in.