Apple records 5 new references of iPad in iPadOS

Source : @Apple

Apple should have several new iPad models in these boxes, but we did not expect to see land so soon. The firm of Cupertino comes in, to record five new references with the economic Commission eurasian patent, a compulsory passage in order to sell its new models in Europe and Asia. Thus, there are five new models, the references of which are, respectively, A2068, A2197, A2198, A2228 and A2230.

Source : @EEC

Detail to note : all of these new iPad are running under iPadOS (read our tutorial), the new operating system dedicated exclusively to the slate, touch of Apple, and presented at the last WWDC, this would mean that these new models will not be launched until the autumn, when the output of iPadOS for the general public.

This seems surprising as Apple stores so early in new models, while the firm launched a plethora of new models in march (including a new iPad mini and an iPad Air). The latest iPad Pro date back to the fall of 2018, and Apple has a habit of renewing at the end of two years only.

Thus, it could be a new iPad 7 is intended to replace the iPad’s 9.7 inches, and that the rumors suggest a larger screen to switch to 10.2 inches. In spite of everything, with five models in the pipeline, it could well be that Apple is preparing to unveil a successor to the iPad Pro. However, in the light of the full novelty on the models of the last year, it could be only a minor revision, with the addition of the new SoC that will accompany the next iPhone, and perhaps, why not, a OLED screen ?