Apple TV+ : $ 15 million per episode for the series ” See “

The arrival ofApple TV+ is getting closer. Unveiled in march, the future video service Apple — a direct competitor to Netflix — is going to offer us new and original content.

Like Narcos for Netflix, Game of Thrones for HBO or Gears for Canal+, we already know that Apple TV+ will be streaming a brand new series that is named Ees. And in this regard, the Wall Street Journal indicates that the series would have cost not less than $ 150 million in total — the same rate as the last movie Spider-Man — roughly 15 million-per-episode of 60 minutes each.

The “cast” Apple TV+ alongside Tim Cook.

In comparison, an episode of House of Cards cost $ 4.5 million in 2013 and an episode of Game of Thrones about 10 million for the last seasons. The series Rome, it had cost her to HBO and the BBC approximately $ 100 million in total in 2005, a record at the time.

These colossal budgets continue to increase. The series is a format that is increasingly popular and these are presented next to big-budget blockbuster movies on Netflix and other streaming services. The series can’t afford to appear cheap in this context, consider the professionals of the sector, which shoots impressive in exotic places and the use of a myriad of special effects.

Other super-productions are in the way in the competition, as The Mandalorian by Disney ($15 million per episode) or the redemption of the rights necessary for the development of a series the Lord of The Rings by Amazon… for $ 250 million. A series around the Dune is also being planned by Warner Bros., alongside Halo by Showtime.

See, in this case, is an american tv series sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, directed by Steven Knight and Francis Lawrencese, and takes place centuries after a virus has eliminated the greatest part of the inhabitants on Earth. The survivors, the blind, must learn to live again… Until the day when twins are born with the ability to see. The casting session will include Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Alfre Woodard or Yadira Guevara-Prip.

As a reminder, Apple TV+ will be available this fall in more than one hundred countries on the Apple platforms at a rate that is still unknown.