Apple would have paid $ 600 million to Samsung for orders to be inadequate in all screens of iPhone

Apple would have paid a few 604 million euros to Samsung (800 billion won) for breach of its order volumes in OLED screens for the iPhone. The origin of this sum has been deducted by analysts, after reading foretells of the quarterly results of the south Korean.

This exceptional contribution was involved to make the results of the second quarter (they will be formally communicated on the 31st of July) also wrong on the merits. At the end of January, the site south Korean ETNews reported that Apple was not able to order as many OLED screens that it had initiated the sales of iPhone has not followed its forecasts — and it was a question of compensation for Samsung also read Samsung Display and Apple would argue OLED for iPad and MacBook Pro).

For its second quarter covering April to June, Samsung expects a fall in sales of 4.2% compared to 2018 , equivalent to 42 billion euros (56 000 billion won) and an operating profit in a free-fall from 56.3 % to 4.9 billion euro (6 500 billion won).

The fault mainly to a market of memory (which accounts for the bulk of the activity of Samsung Electronics) loss of speed, both price on request. Huawei is a major customer of Samsung, and the chinese suffering under the sanctions imposed by the u.s. government, Samsung actually costs.

The sales of smartphones could display a result that is slightly positive, but analysts do not expect a surge in the next quarter, even with the help of the Galaxy Note 10 coming. The rebound is expected to 2020 thanks to the models that are compatible 5G.