Arno of Star Academy 5 : Very muscular and sexy, he is metamorphosed !

Do you remember the young Arno to the Star Academy 5 on TF1 ? Soon fourteen years after its passage noticed at the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, the beautiful blond has changed a lot !

The ex-great friend of the winner Magalie Vaé, 17-year-old at the time, in fact, may not be a career in song in France, but he still managed a nice career path – particularly in the United States, in California, where he has elected domicile, and where he served as a director. But most importantly, it has evolved a lot physically.

Forget the ado menu and a bit shy as it was known on the A, Arno a, it seems, spent long hours at the gym in order to increase the volume of his muscles and maintain his amazing athletic figure. It is this that can be seen in the view of the many pictures of him posted on his account Instagram.

Because yes, when it is not the camera for professional projects (for example, it has directed the latest music video by Anaïs Delva), Arno takes pleasure to ask himself and often undressed… for our greatest joy. Killer abs and muscles drawn, the milf has nothing to envy to the models in vogue at the moment…

As a reminder, in 2005, Arno Diem was the 9th candidate eliminated from his season of the Star Ac’. Unfortunately, during the prime time dedicated to the training of the troops of the 2006 tour of the Star Academy, the young man had been ousted in favour of Magalie Vaé, Jérémy, Pascal, Ely, Emily, Alexia, Jean-Luc Guizonne, Maud and Peter. However, he had been able to do some dates as a substitute…