Baptism of Archie : Elizabeth II is missing… The huge blunder of Harry and Meghan !

Elizabeth II WANTED to be present” for the baptism of his great-grandson, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, Saturday, 6 July 2019 to Windsor, but the prince Harry and Meghan Markle have not done in a way that this can occur : it is, in essence, what emerges from the latest rumors about the circumstances of the organization of the ceremony.

As often in the life of the british royal family, to find in the calendar a date that siée to all the world is a puzzle. This is particularly true for the queen and for prince Charles, in the light of the hundreds of annual commitments that they honor, sometimes scheduled up to a year in advance, and the baptism of the little Archie is the perfect illustration of this clash of agendas : initially, the duke and duchess of Sussex had chosen the date of Friday, 5 July 2019, but the absence of the father of Harry, the prince Charles, on tour in Wales, and had come to shift to Saturday 6. Without taking the care to verify the employment of the time of the queen, who, on his side, was blocked this weekend to be with her husband the duke of Edinburgh at Sandringham in Norfolk after having been very busy lately, between the visit of Donald Trump and his traditional week-long celebration in Scotland, including the garden party at Holyroodhouse is the highest point.

Harry and Meghan, the boner that still annoys a bit more…

The newspaper Daily Express, which reveals this “huge blunder” of prince Harry and the duchess Meghan, note, however, that Elizabeth II is not their would not mind and would be “happy” that the baptism takes place this weekend. “The duke and duchess of Sussex are went to see to his office to inform him of the date and the decision was taken collectivement”, indicates a source of the newspaper. Another witness, from a member of the staff of the Buckingham palace, believes they would have been able to do more attention and be more accomodants : “The fact that the couple does not want to conform to tradition is attracting a lot of support. They are young, do differently from other members of the royal family and there is a lot of good will towards them. But they should not do this without taking into consideration the tradition (…) some Of them have the feeling that they would have had to be more accommodating for the date.

A speech is much more nuanced than what think a good part of public opinion, disgusted after learning that Harry and Meghan, whose private residence, Frogmore Cottage, which cost nearly 3 million euros to the taxpayer in renovation work, have chosen to celebrate the baptism of Archie in the biggest secret : no press photographers (only images that they will choose to broadcast a posteriori), not disclosure of the identity of the godparents, a ceremony in the private chapel of Windsor castle rather than in the chapel of St George where they were married in the past year… A behavior of “stars hollywodiennes“, the notice – critical – an expert in public relations asked by the Daily Mirror. An opinion shared by the editor-in-chief of the journal royal Majesty, Ingrid Seward, for which the couple has “misjudged the situation” and stupidly “annoyed the people who loved him the most” : “they have managed this affair as a secret scandalous then that it was only to share what is an event joyeux”, she summarizes.

As A comparison, prince William and duchess Catherine of Cambridge, at the baptism of their son Louis in July 2018, had found a good compromise between the desire for intimacy and sharing with the public.

This Saturday afternoon, the most royal of commons of Berkshire was still in a turmoil and admirers of the royal family had once again gathered, knowing that there would probably be nothing to see, in a climate of strange. The grumbling began to rise, even in the ranks of the fans of the duke and duchess of Sussex.