Baptism of Archie : A godfather revealed, much to the chagrin of Harry and Meghan ?

A lot of opportunities for the chosen few : the paris would – and will always – good train on the identity of the godparents of Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, the prince Harry and Meghan Markle are desperate to keep their costs secret. In the aftermath of the ceremony ultraprivée, which was held at Windsor castle, The Times throws a stone into the pond.

By posting on the same day two official photographs of the event and the family gathering that took place in very small groups (25 people), the duke and duchess of Sussex have added still a little oil on the fire : “the duke and duchess of Sussex, at the height of the joy, share the happiness of this day and would like to thank all those who, in the world, showed their support. They revel in the chance they have of taking advantage of this special moment with their family and the godparents of Archie, “said the press release accompanying the communication on the social networks of images made by photographer Chris Allerton, insisting knowingly, by omission claimed, on the anonymity is preserved of the godfathers and godmothers, absent of the shots in question.

But, while prince Harry seems to be ready to steer public opinion by not revealing this information, which would be a first in the history of the royal family, The Times claims to know the identity of one of the sponsors of his son : Charlie van Straubenzee, a close friend of long standing who was a witness at her wedding on may 19, 2018 (and who had, moreover, delivered a speech apparently high in color, the jeering, for example, on her red hair), a few weeks before Harry takes his turn in this role, in the month of August, for the wedding of Charlie and his girlfriend Daisy. Harry and his brother William are very much linked to the family van Straubenzee and have known Charlie from the beginning of their adolescence, the school Ludgrove.

Other names circulating in addition to that : if those of Markus Anderson, Jessica Mulroney or even Serena Williams, BFF notorious duchess Meghan, and Lindsay Roth and Genevieve Hills, girlfriends, the fcc views its sides at the Wimbledon tournament in the beginning of the week, or the one of Izzy May, former employee of the group, SoHo House, held the rope, another, totally unexpected, came the same day as the baptism… Invited unexpectedly to the ceremony intimate, Tiggy Legge-Bourke, who was the wet nurse, beloved of prince Harry (and Diana, without a doubt, by jealousy, took little in her heart, accusing him of having had an abortion of a child of prince Charles), has inevitably raised the questions : she who played a crucial role with William and Harry while the marriage of their parents fell in ruins she been chosen for godmother of Archie ?

The suspense continues…