Barometer nPerf : Orange always 1, the average flow rate up

nPerf is an application that analyzes the state of the French network from the test carried out by the users, that allow a user to test its speed, its latency…

At the level of speeds (2G, 3G, and 4G types), the palm always goes back to Orange. The incumbent operator is doing the same with a comfortable lead, as the top of its 47,49 Mb/s, it beat the second (Free Mobile) of about 10 Mb/s ! It is Bouygues, which inherits the bonnet of a donkey in this category, with a lean 32.97 Mb/s.

In terms of latency, the competition is more tight : Bouygues and Orange are leading the race with respectively 48.95 ms and 50.44 ms Free and SFR, them, lag behind in this category and exceed 55ms.

By sticking strictly to the 4G, Orange dominates clearly the competition on all of the indicators. All technologies combined, the former France Telecom guard advance clear enough on its three competitors.

In terms of scores nPerf, meant to reflect the overall quality of the connection experienced by the user, it is once again Orange who offers the first up, with a certain advance. It is Free, which plays the role of a bad student, on the heels of SFR.

The average throughput of French in high rise

The other main information of the barometer nPerf, it is the average flow rate of the French : the latter has increased 19,88% since 2018 ! A significant increase, and visible for all operators. It is SFR, which has experienced the largest increase, from 28,72 Mb/s 35,40 Mb/s (+23.3 per cent). The smaller increase amounts to Free passes 33,19 Mb/s 38,56 Mb/s (+16,2%).

The performance in terms of navigation and streaming parts : the index of performance through watching videos on YouTube is of 81,71%, which corresponds to a viewing almost instantaneous and uninterrupted. The same holds true for web browsing : the next 5 pages are the most sought after (Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Leboncoin and Amazon), the time average load is less than 4 seconds.

To access the detailed study of the results nPerf, you can go to this address.