Béatrice Dalle and JoeyStarr : spirited Kiss and declarations of love…

The director David Bobée meets Beatrice Dalle and JoeyStarr for the play Elephant Man, the 3 to the 20th October 2019 at the Folies Bergère in Paris. The two artists who have lived ten years together, remained very complicit and are overjoyed at the idea of going on stage. While rehearsals are underway, the actress and the star of NTM have given a great interview in the Inrockuptibles.

The cover by Jean-François Robert sets the tone : Beatrice Dalle slipped his tongue into the mouth of JoeyStarr. The kiss of two beings who recognize that they are of the same species. Less in love with that fiery, the very image of what they share now. In the text, a lot of respect and admiration for each other. “I accepted this project because I wanted to play with the lady, starts the rapper and actor. When I met her for the theatre, it wasn’t part of his plan of life. I went to see the play Lucrezia Borgia [already directed by David Bobée, 2014, editor’s NOTE] with a small grin, and she calmed me down. I have found David the great.

Level tic and tac, is that we can do better ?

The reunion for the Elephant Man, a role tailor-made for JoeyStarr, stimulated a degree of curiosity which likes to Béatrice Dalle : “I see the interest this meeting has generated. This is surreal. We don’t even know if this is the part that is of interest. It is for this reason that we have to do the most beautiful sight in the world.” But there is also the pleasure of bring this project with him : “Honestly, a level ict and tac, is that we can do better ? In front of Didier, there has to be someone that way ! Didier, he goes on stage, you do not see a person. All of the two, it’s the fact. Play a love story with someone you love so much, it must be very moving. Already, when we took the photos for the poster, I was crying.

In this long interview, the couple returns to his surreal encounter : Beatrice Dalle has landed unexpectedly in JoeyStarr on which she had fallen for him to expose his “project” while he was in bed with a female companion. A week after, they flew to New York and never left.

We, it was really the lovers who are eager to see. It was only that. A quest for the absolute, of the infinite, every moment

The two players also share a lot about what they share today, as a passion for poetry, and what they have brought. “There is not an hour, a minute, in the last ten years that we spent together where, it has been a daily basis, summarizes the star of the Disorder Every Day. We, it was really the lovers who are eager to see. It was only that. A quest for the absolute, of the infinite in each moment.” For its part, JoeyStarr says it has taught him painting and was greatly influenced her desire to play the comedy. For him, on this piece, Beatrice Dalle is a reassuring presence.

How to describe their relationship today, now that everyone is living to his side : “I love it ! It is not a couple, but this is not my friend, responds Slab. It is my family, if not more. He is everything.” JoeyStarr, pragmatic : “It is quite intricate to not have to do it.” Remains the pleasure to spend these moments together, for a photo shoot, rehearsals and the return to the Folies-Bergère.

Find the full interview in Les Inrockuptibles, in kiosks and online.