Beijing Express 2019 : Who are Julia and Kleofina, the duo of Miss ?

18 July, viewers will have the joy of finding Beijing Express for a new season on M6. In 2018, Christina and Didier, the boss and his employee, had won the game. This time, eight teams are competing and hope to win. Among them, a duet by Miss Julia and Kleofina.

Kleofina Pnishi (aged 24), was elected Miss Provence 2017, while Julia Sidi-Atman (22 years old) has been nominated as Miss Côte d’azur 2017. Together, they participated in the election Miss France 2018 , and since their meeting at the time, they did leave more. By participating in the Beijing Express, they hope to prove that they are real exciting. “They are presented with the desire to show another facet of the stereotypes that we may collect on the beauty queens. They are very careful in their way of expressing themselves, “said Stéphane Rotenberg, host of the show, with our colleagues from Télé 7 jours.

If Julia is not a great veteran of the small screen, Kleofina has already been in the casting of television series. In fact, the young woman has turned into The Mystery of the lake on TF1 and the Murders in the mont Ventoux on France 3. But this is not all : the beauty queen also held a small role in the famous soap opera Plus belle la vie. A beautiful beginning for the one who hopes to become an actress. A “dream since childhood“, as she had entrusted him to France Bleu Provence, who conceals another : “I am a graduate of the School of journalism and communication of Aix-Marseille. I will be a journalist if I can’t become an actress.

In the meantime, the beautiful, touring with his girlfriend Julia Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia in Beijing Express, the road of 50 volcanoes. In the Face of this binomial, Patrice (age 56) and Benjamin (age 21), father and son, Steve (28 years old) and Martine (age 56), the coach and his client, Fabienne (61 years old) and her adopted daughter Jade (age 20), Laetitia (38 years old) and Aurélie (34 years), two sisters opposite, Thomas (36 years old) and Mathieu (32 years), two brothers, Lydia (age 25) and Mounir (27 years), the married couple, and finally Fabrice (50 years) and Briac (21 years old) who are both strangers to one another !

To seeing you at 21h on M6 on Thursday 18 July 2019 on M6 in order to follow this next edition of the Beijing Express !