Beijing Express 2019 : Who are Lydia and Mounir, the married couple ?

Peking Exress, who had disappeared from screens for four years, made his return on the M6 in 2018. A year after the victory of Didier and Christina, duo, employee/boss, the show returns for a new season. This edition of 2019 will be like the previous one presented by Stéphane Rotenberg and will evolve several pairs, like Lydia and Mounir.

The young man at the age of 27, while the beautiful is aged 25 years. Very much in love for six years, they were married in 2016. Lydia and Mounir form, as specified by the host to our colleagues from Télé 7 jours, the couple “volcanic Peking Express” ! Both have good character and are willing to outdo themselves to win the adventure and the 100 000 euros promised to the winning duo.

She is a fan of the show, him not. They are clearly in a challenge intimate, “says Stéphane Rotenberg. But it is especially Lydia, who intends to prove a half of that, even if she is not athletic, she can impress and win races. For his part, Mounir has always wanted to prove to himself that he would be able to get out of his daily comfort and manage such an adventure.

Remember that in addition to Mounir and Lydia, the other seven teams participating in the Beijing Express 2019. Patrice (age 56) and Benjamin (21 years old) are father and son, Kleofina (24 years old) and Julia (22 years old) form a duo of Miss, Fabienne (61 years old) plays with her adopted daughter Jade (age 20), Laetitia (38 years old) and Aurélie (34 years old) are two sisters and Thomas (36 years old) and Mathieu (32 years old) are brothers. Martine (56 years old) trying the adventure with his coach Steve (26 years old) and finally Fabrice (50 years) and Briac (21 years old) are two strangers one for the other ! From 18 July 2019, they crisscross Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia for an edition entitled the Beijing Express, the route of the 50 volcanoes !