Beijing Express 2019 : Who are Steve and Martine, the coach and his client ?

Beijing Express is back for a new edition as of July 18, 2019 on M6. After the victory of Christina and Didier, the boss and his employee, in 2018, eight pairs of students try their luck. Among them, Steve and Martine, a duo rather unexpected !

Martine, 56 years of age, participated in the Beijing Express with his coach Steve 28-year-old. This mother of a family wishes, for the first time in his life, to step up and prove to her family that she is able to go at the end of an adventure such as this. She proposed to Steve, the only one that comes to motivate, to begin with it at the other end of the world.

With our colleagues from Télé 7 jours, Stéphane Rotenberg referred to this binomial atypical. “In the fifties, Martine is called into question, particularly physically. For the past three years, it is a sport with a coach, Steve, has he said. So they have a very tenuous, or familial or friendly, and will have to find resources to last.

Martine and Steve will have the objective of outperforming the seven other pairs of the adventure. For this season’s tour between Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia, and entitled” Beijing Express, the route of the 50 volcanoes, they will be facing Patrice (age 56) and Benjamin (age 21), father and son, Kleofina (24 years old) and Julia (22 years old) the duo of Miss, Fabienne (61 years old) and her adopted daughter Jade (age 20), Laetitia (38 years old) and Aurélie (34 years), two sisters opposite, Thomas (36 years old) and Mathieu (32 years), two brothers, Lydia (age 25) and Mounir (27 years), the married couple, and finally Fabrice (50 years) and Briac (21 years old) who are both strangers to one another !

To seeing you at 21h on M6 on Thursday 18 July 2019 on M6 in order to follow this next edition of Peking Express , with Stéphane Rotenberg at the controls !