Benjamin Castaldi, thinned : what he has actually lost

In the edition of Saturday, July 13, 2019 of the newspaper Le Parisien, one can read a large folder on the plans, regarding oh-so-summery. This time, the men are referred to. The host Benjamin Castaldi has taken the word, he who has lost not less than ten pounds these last few months.

According to the former host of Secret Story, this is thanks to the slimming program “As I like” that he was able to lose his extra pounds. Benjamin Castaldi said to have fallen on a advertising of the brand, which hammers its message on the small screen. “Plans I’ve tried tons and tons. But eat all the days of his salad and his chicken, it quickly becomes tiresome. While there I was breaking not the head to ask me what I was going to prepare me. Personally, I’ve often done the yoyo, I could win as to lose 10 kg in a few months. There, I manage to steady me“, a-t-il entrusted to the Parisian.

Not appeal to the program “As I like”, Benjamin Castaldi has, therefore, called the ensign, and was eventually recruited ! “Seeing my name, they asked me to do the program and promote it, if I was satisfied with the result. This has been the case ! Moreover, since then the brand receives calls asking for ‘the plan Castaldi‘, “he says. And the announcer, married since 2016 to the beautiful Aurore Aleman, to explain what motivates it and how it is organized. “I approach fifty, it is now that I have to be careful ! Beyond my dietary restrictions, I do a lot of sport, I am dealing (…) I have not had a transformation quite obvious as Laurent Ournac [the comedian of Camping Paradise, ED.]. I’ve lost three sizes in pants and two sizes of jacket, but it’s still classic. It is for this reason also that many were able to identify in my change“, he added.

Thomas Montet