BOGO starts the scooter two-seater for added security (in theory)

Credits BOGO

Scooters electric now become an integral part of the urban landscape. Ubiquitous in the streets of the capital, this new means of transport eco-friendly and affordable, however, is regularly pointed out. Obviously their side invasive, but it is usually dangerous which is the most sensitive issue. While several operators of scooters electric of the capital have finally decided to pack it in the face of the ambient pressure, no doubt motivated by tensions with the city Hall of Paris, the brand BOGO has recently formalized the launch of an all-new model two-seater, intended to provide more security to its users.

Not necessarily more safe

Credits BOGO

Behind this amazing new scooter spotted by the site Presse Citron, the brand from a simple observation. “The idea was born from the observation of several injuries and accidents caused by two people riding together on one scooter, electric single-seater standard with a single handlebar”, explains the brand. Thanks to this scooter equipped with a second support, BOGO hopes to provide more stability (and therefore security) for a possible passenger. Bigger than a classic camera, the two-seater BOGO should also integrate a much more powerful battery, and therefore a better battery on the road. The idea seems interesting, even if it is probably still the safer side of these new scooters. Of course, the handlebar should further stabilize the passenger, but it should not be provided to facilitate the handling of the means of locomotion, especially in the turns. The launch of the new scooters imagined by BOGO should be done from the next week, in California and in Nevada before considering a deployment that is more important. This new range will be composed, not only of the model two-seater, but also a model that is more classic, designed (in theory) to accommodate a single user. For the moment, it is not a question of arrival in France.