Candy Crush Saga : level 5000 is available

Who has never tried Candy Crush Saga ? The mobile game, originally developed such an app Facebook, and finally ported to Android and iOS, continues to panic the crowds, so much so that more than 9 million users still play more than three hours per day. But this is not finished, because thee global success arrived in 2012 on our smartphones is ready now to receive his… 5000ème level. Yes, you read that correctly.

Finish Candy Crush Saga ? Impossible, especially as the game has received many additional levels in the course of the years, until you reach the corridor, symbolic of the 5,000 levels via an update distributed since June 10.

Source : @King

For the occasion, King looks back on some of the statistics. Thus, in the course of its seven years of existence, Candy Crush Saga, said the now legendary ” Delicious! “653 billion times. 1.7 billion bombs colorful have exploded, with 1.57 billion stars have been collected, and the players have spent more than 8 million years to play. All in all, the users of the game will have made close to $ 269 million kilometres in swipant on the screen, about five times the distance between Earth and Mars.

Like it or not, one cannot question the longevity of amazing Candy Crush Saga, in applications stores to the competition tougher.