Carole Bouquet : Rare release with Philippe Sereys de Rothschild

It is an essential rendez-vous of the riding. For the past five years, the Paris Eiffel Jumping competition gathers the best riders in the world in a unique setting : the Field of Mars. The best of them participate in events of renown, such as the stage of Global Champion Tour, or the grand prize, 5*. As every year, a group of celebrities came to applaud these outstanding athletes, the image of Guillaume Canet and his horse head, Sweet Boy Alpa 187.

The French and international figures came to attend the competition are found in the tents reserved for the VIP, where Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam have enjoyed a friendly lunch. The event had the air of a family meal, since the mother of the producer, Carole Bouquet, was also of the party. Radiant smile, it is accompanied by her husband, Philippe Sereys de Rothschild, she took the poses in front of photographers. Long white tunic, hair pulled back into a ponytail, large sunglasses : the actress 61-year-old had a look of the most summer for this unique competition.

The Paris Eiffel Jumping, was also the occasion for Carole Bouquet to greet a few friends. She took the time to chat with Anthony Delon, just as casual in a large shirt, or even Marion Cotillard. It has even been seen doing a soft brace to Roxane Depardieu, daughter of the famous actor. She also took the pose with Virginie Coupérie-Eiffel, the president of the competition. “The big heat will be past, the forecast is for warmer weather. Fingers crossed ! I have gone through everything on this event, thunderstorms incredible, a heatwave incredible in 2017. This year, I have planned for the horses of the misters and ice cubes in the stables. The horses are the kings of the sport, everything revolves around their well-being, “said organizer and former champion riding to the AFP.