Caroline Receveur : The first anniversary fairytale of Marlon

On July 7, 2018 is a date forever etched in the memory of Caroline Receveur and his companion Hugo Philip. On this day, the business woman and influenceuse 31-year-old has given birth to her first child. Since then, the happy parents regularly share images of moments with their son Marlon on the social networks. Not surprisingly, they have not failed to send him a public message to his first birthday, last Sunday.

The beautiful brown of 28 years has unveiled a photo in which we discover it in the company of his piece of cabbage, in the process of putting the hands in water. “A lot of fun today for your 1 year. Happy birthday my love“, he légendé its publication. On his side, Caroline Receveur has shared photos of the birthday of Marlon. It was the occasion to discover that a great feast has been organised for the little boy blows his first candle as it should be.

In the program : balloons, streamers, cups, and dresses in the colors of the rainbow, rainbow cake and cupakes… The subscribers of Carolina Receiver have also found out that Marlon has been very spoiled. It has, in particular, had the luck of having two small cars as gifts. A birthday fantastic sum. “Your first Birthday under the sign of the love and tolerance in this day of Pride in London. I love you so much my little chick malin, you illumine my life a little more each day“, wrote the young woman in the caption of his slide photo.