Celine Balitran : What becomes of the ex of George Clooney ?

To 44 years, Celine Balitran can boast of having seduced one of the men the most beautiful of the planet. After his meeting in 1996 with (the gorgeous) George Clooney, she follows him to the four corners of the world. A waitress by night and student by day, Celine completely changed life with the beautiful brown and becomes a top model for Yves Saint Laurent or Dior. After a love story of three years with the american actor, the former model has been married to filmmaker David Rosenthal (Falling Up) from 2002 to 2004. Some time later, she meets Emmanuel Durand, vice-president of marketing of Warner Bros , with whom she has two sons : Eliott (12 years), and Thom (7 years).

After their separation in 1999, the dad of the twins Alexander and Ella (2 years) stated in the magazine Esquire : “I left Céline, because I had more and more work. I do not think that we lacked intimacy, but, in recent times, I chained several films. I am also heavily invested in the writing and production of a telefilm. As I feared, Céline has not held up. It is a super girl, but she ended by doubting the chances of survival of our relationship. I fully understand his decision even if, in the beginning, I found it very frustrating.

She is a teacher in Paris !

Side career, Céline Balitran has made a few appearances on television, including in 2004 in La Ferme célébrités. At the time, she was involved for a charity that fights against multiple sclerosis (ADSEP-SOUTH-EAST). She also hosted a show on France 2 , alongside Frédéric Mitterrand, and has been at the head of a chronicle of culture on 13th street. The pretty blonde has also been a presenter for the TPS Star during the Cannes film Festival in 2005. Today, the mom of Elliot and Thom became an elementary school teacher. After having taught in a bilingual school of the Hauts-de-Seine, she founded her own school inspired by the Montessori schools. She wrote in 2013 to the website The Socialite Family : “It is a nursery and primary school inspired by the educational principles that are important to me : curiosity, empathy, tolerance, respect, and integrity…”

The beautiful today with further opportunities to meet the one who has since become the husband of Amal (41 years), since it has preserved many of its friends in the middle of the cinema. She had attended in mid-January 2017 at the front-first the paris of the The Land with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone . The opportunity certainly to see (and congratulate) the happy dad of 58 years !