Chrome : a controller-general to stop the videos of the tabs

Google prepares to add in Chrome for a controller global audio and video content and played in different tabs.

Currently, when videos are playing, a speaker icon appears in the reports in their respective tabs. There is no way to mute the sound, by simply clicking on these icons as it is done in Safari. At best you can use the context menu on the tab to get the command to “Cut off the sound from the site”. This is not the most immediate.

In the version Canary Chrome (the one that comes before the betas), developers test which is similar to a comptroller general, it is called “Global Media Controls”. When content audio video are launched, an icon for the play button in the address bar allows to identify, without that the tab is in the foreground, then cut the playback or forward/back.

For the moment, the function fails fast and she does not know yet handle multiple tabs. It only shows a single content playback, even if there are a number of shots. But the intent seems good. To activate it you must enter the address : chrome://flags/#global-media-controls” and then select “Enabled” in the menu.