Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston celebrate the 4th of July : Lisa Kudrow absent ?

Courteney Cox (age 55) and Jennifer Aniston (50 years) celebrated the July 4, 2019 as a whole. For the day of the american holiday, the two actresses were surrounded by friends : Jennifer Meyer, Suzanne Somers, and Laura Dern. And because they are quiet girls, the two BFF appear totally natural and without makeup.

The actress of Cougar Town comments : “Happy 4 of July everyone ! I’ve been lucky to spend it with as many girls as I like.” Since they met on the set of the series Friends in 1994, those who played Rachel Green and Monica Geller, have established a friendship strong and solid. Selfies, shopping, vacation, Courteney post many pictures of his friend on his account Instagram.

Lisa Kudrow absent from the feast

If they are very related to Lisa Kudrow (55 years old), who plays Phoebe in the series Friends, it is, however, absent from the feast. The followers ask themselves the question : “Why, Phoebe, isn’t it ??“, “Where is Lisa Kudrow ??

Quickly, the main interested respond. Lisa seems to be very disappointed not to be present : “Awwww. Joyful american holiday !” As we can discover it on his own Instagram, the wife of Michel Stern is on vacation. She is currently in France (Paris). Hence its absence.

Jennifer, soon to be on Instagram ?

Finally (and again), viewers were asked to Jennifer Aniston… to finally create an account for Instagram ! Unfortunately, this dream is not likely to become a reality, as the actress had stated in “The Thrive Overall podcast” in April of 2018 : “there’s enough written about me, and enough that are fake. There is a current, which asks : why are you not on social networks to show who you really are ? Well, I reply that I have no need for it … This is the only place that I have to protect, it is mine, and this is what is my life without the cameras and the paparazzi.