Cuphead will soon have his own cartoon on Netflix

© Studio MLDH

It is necessary to admit that if there is a game that begs to benefit from an adaptation in the cartoon, it is Cuphead, with its graphic style, resolutely inspired by the cartoons of the 30s. Called The Cuphead Show, this program will have the heavy task to maintain the same level of care given to the animations and drawings in the game on a whole series. A graphic style for which the game has been very widely acclaimed thanks to the care given to detail and the consistency of this cartoon style vintage tasty.

Not a thin case, but this does not seem to scare Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, two brothers originally the studio’s high-risk hazardous materials.

Show the general public at different levels of interpretation

On the contrary, they have displayed their ambitions to IGN. The objective : make a cartoon suitable for all audiences, but children will enjoy differently from adults, with different levels of understanding possible. You might be entitled to a good dose of humor childish and very first degree, but full of references, allusions and humorous and more mature. A bias that could place The Cuphead Show in a niche that already includes masterpieces such as South Park, Rick & Mortyor Futurama to name only a few. But there is no question of making a simple cartoon meant to the youth.

This is not a cartoon for small children, or a show for babies. We can say that the producers are seeking the same type of vibrations as the game suggests. They will take this idea and expand.

The series is scheduled to take place in the framework of the game, namely the Inkwell Isles. According to the creators, this will be an opportunity to rediscover them “as no-one has ever seen before”. The opportunity to follow the (més)aventures of the reckless and impulsive Cupman, and his brother slightly, chicken, Mugman.

To note that none of the two brothers will not be responsible for the animation part : this work will be borne entirely by the studios of Netflix.Instead, they will have a role of producers. At the present time, no release date estimated has been provided.