Daniel Ducruet : His son Michael, very much in love, presents its beautiful Oriana

In the midst of the avalanche of muscles between the abs and cascading physical exercises burst – before long his account Instagram of a specialist in crossfit, a few grams of sweetness are apparent : Michaël Ducruet is so much in love that he no longer wants to keep for him the identity and traits of that which makes so happy, Oriana.

This nurse franco-venezuelan residing in Monaco, after the short presentation made on his own account, Instagram, has made its first appearance in a publication dated may 21, 2019, with the young man of 27 years : “You are my happiness“, wrote then the eldest son of Daniel Ducruet, also a rifleman with the Prince, in the caption of a selfie taken during an evening on the Rock, and with a few hashtags explicit – “love“, “couple“, “life“… A picture of them that Oriana had published the first, with words just as soft : “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.

Two weeks later, it is live for a getaway in Corsica, enjoying good times with your partner on the beach of the Palm Beach Ajaccio, the young woman shared a new image in the company of Michael – the “Paradise“, she had then only need to correctly caption the subject matter – it republiait three days later, after attracting a new like of his half-brother Louis, son of princess Stéphanie of Monaco. Oriana has since given to its subscribers a new preview of their moments of relaxation with another photo taken at the beach, posing together in translucent water in Cap d’ail.