David Belliard, a candidate in Paris : “I didn’t want to be gay”

Since the success of the environmentalists in the recent european elections, the party eelv feels to grow wings. To the point of having the eyes bigger than the belly ? It must be said that the record is clear : make them fall in donations, the more large cities possible in the next municipal. Paris is in the viewfinder and the task is the responsibility of David Belliard. Release gives her portrait.

In the edition of July 9, the national daily newspaper, one discovers the now-candidate in EE-LV for Paris the next municipal of march 2020. 41-year-old, a former director of Sidaction (propelled to this position just 24 years old by the grace of the late Pierre Bergé), and advisor of the 11th district of the capital – where he has bought an apartment, David Belliard will have the arduous task of dropping the current mayor of the PS, Anne Hidalgo. A mayor whom he accuses of being “a socialist, not ” green” when at the same time it gives rise to, however, against it the critical day-to-day since she did piétonniser the banks of the Seine, to reduce the place of cars in Paris, or launch the revegetation of several places…

I didn’t want to be gay

The young quadra comes of Augicourt (Haute-Saône), rural village of a few souls whom he does not seem to keep a good memory of it. Thus, it is said that when an old comrade of college offered him an evening reunion with the people of the time, he found the idea inconceivable. “The best years of my life, it is now, I’m in Paris with my guy. I do not want to see these people“, it will he. Force is to admit that to be homosexual in a bled clueless, this is not easy to live with. “I didn’t want to be gay. In addition, I was quite a believer, a child of a choir of up to 13 years. I have long internalized a form of guilt. When I look back, I was a kid, quite creative and effeminate. And, at the time, I was big“, he says. A hard period, marked by a coming out in forced to because of an uncle.

Red-bearded and sexy

Tray in hand, he follow on business studies and internships until his arrival at Paris with the intention of engaging in the gay community. After a break with a man who has since launched a project to GPA, he found the love and sharing his life for the past six years with a certain Sebastian, architect of the heritage in which we learn that he earns 3,500 euros when David Belliard in key 4 100 – between his allowances of an elected official, and his position among economic Alternatives. A companion younger and smaller than him described as “red, bearded, and sexy” according to the newspaper.

As to his vision for the capital, David Belliard account, for example, remove parking spaces, or débitumer the city. A project that he is going to try to sell to voters, but the bet is not won in advance. For the time being, it is given behind The Republic in march, the socialist Party and The Republicans.

Thomas Montet