Death of Philippe Zdar : his daughter Angelica succeeds in the tray, Aure Atika moved

This is almost a month that Philippe Cerboneschi, said “Zdar”, a member of the duo Cassius, is dead. Leaning against the railing of the window of his apartment located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, the genius of the electro French has fallen fatally from the 3rd floor, on June 19, 2019. He leaves behind James (9 years old) and Penelope (5 years), children that he had with the creative Dyane de Serigny. Before that, he had a daughter, Angelica (17), with the actress Aure Atika.

Like thousands of other students, Angelica had tests early in the bachelor’s degree, despite the tragic loss of his father. Revisions necessarily complicated by this grief. In spite of everything, a schoolgirl who is about to enter in the terminal has obtained excellent grades. 18 and 16 in French, 17 in works personal boxes, then a honourable 12 science. “So proud of my daughter. Our daughter, Philippe. I can already hear your comments. Proud as a bar-tac !“, wrote Aure Atika in her story Instagram, stating that it was “thefirst ray of sun“.

Brilliant results, that the young Angelica festival, starting in Japan, as you can see on his story Instagram. A few days earlier, on June 21, 2019, it made a poignant tribute to her dad on the social network. “Dear dad, words will never be sufficient to be able to express everything. The gestures either, unfortunately. Nothing will happen to me out of everything that I have on the heart, if not your physical presence, your jokes, your laugh, your philosophy, your music, your hugs, your ‘I love you’, your encouragement, your voice, just you. I don’t realize it yet fully, it was so brutal and unexpected… (…) Je do not understand all, why you, why like that, so violently, why now ? (…) Embrasse everyone there-top of my hand, all the world embrace you at the bottom“, a-t-she nicely said. A message upsetting.