Does the Herbalife diet really help you lose weight?

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Does the Herbalife diet really help you lose weight?

If the diets you've adopted so far don't seem to have any effect on your weight, we may have the solution. Proposed by the American company Herbalife, the slimming program of the same name would be formidable. You have probably already heard about it, since its French subsidiary has been in existence since 1990. If this is not the case, we invite you to discover what this diet offers and its effectiveness in this article.

What exactly is it about?

The Herbalife diet is a slimming programme based essentially on the use of food supplements and meal substitutes from the brand. These complementary products are usually presented in powder form like the famous Formula 1, which is to be mixed with milk to obtain a kind of balanced and low-calorie milk shake that will replace your breakfast and dinner.

Drainage pills to accelerate the melting of fat are also recommended. In order to optimize drainage, Herbalife suggests that you consume its tea without moderation. In addition, there is fibre for a complete cure during the first month of your diet. To hydrate your body and to fight against fatigue, aloe vera is recommended, but its consumption is not mandatory. As a snack, the brand offers you protein bars with a variety of flavours.

In short, the Herbalife diet is complete, however, it is advisable to consult your doctor or nutritionist before adopting it.

In practice, how does it work?

The Herbalife diet includes a first phase of 3 weeks. During this period, you will need to replace your breakfast and ideally dinner with the Herbalife substitute. This must be accompanied by supplements in the form of tablets. For lunch, make sure that your plate is made up mainly of vegetables. Add a very moderate amount of starch and meat or fish. Between meals, low-calorie snacks such as those offered by the brand are strongly recommended. Otherwise, yogurt can also do the trick.

The second phase is a stabilization program that will also last 3 weeks. This time, only breakfast will be replaced by the substitute Herbalife. However, care should be taken to ensure that the other meals are always well balanced. And to avoid gaining weight again, consider physical activity.

What about its effectiveness?

It must be admitted that the Herbalife diet helps in weight loss, however it can create a certain dependence on supplements and food substitutes. If you have a limited budget, it may be better to first address the problem at its source, i.e. change your eating habits. You will need to work hard to get rid of those bad habits that cause your extra pounds. As with any diet, if you don't have the will, neither Herbalife nor any other slimming program will really work.