Donald Trump can not block his opponents on Twitter

Credits MIH83 via Pixabay

Donald Trump has the right to block his opponents on Twitter ? Obviously not, if one believes the recent decision by the us federal court pronounced a few hours ago against the american president. According to the explanations of the judge, Barrington D. Parker, the head of State would prevent regular critics that subscribe to his account @RealDonaldTrump. A behavior going, according to the court of appeal of the freedom of expression. It must be said that with its $ 61.8 million subscribers and nearly 43 000 tweets, the american president has been able to make its Twitter account a space of expression public, in which he regularly shares the opinion and the decisions of his government. In the account of the judgment, the court explains thus : “The first amendment does not allow a responsible government that uses an account on social networks for all kinds of official purposes to exclude, in the context of an online dialogue open, people expressing views with which this manager would not agree”.

“The evidence of the official nature of the account is overwhelming. (…) Once the president has selected a platform and opened this interactive space to millions of users and participants, it may not exclude specifically those with whom he disagrees”

The verdict is, therefore, fell for Donald Trump, who is seen here conclude a complaint filed by the organization for the defense of freedom of expression in american, Knight Institute. At the time, the u.s. president had blocked seven users, thus preventing them to see his tweets and respond to them. When asked about this, the department had explained that when he was interacting with other users on Twitter, Donald Trump was not acting as president. An interpretation that does not appear to have convinced the judges.