Dongles to test CarPlay elsewhere than in his car

Your car is not compatible with CarPlay ? All is not lost. There are several car stereos independent that support the multimedia system of Apple. If it is just for a test, there are even dongles that allow you to transform an Android tablet (or other Android device) in the receiver CarPlay.

CarPlay on an Android tablet. Image The journal of the rabbit.

The log of the rabbit has experienced this more economical solution, but also less reliable. For the hack, it is therefore necessary to find a dongle that special place between the iPhone and the Android tablet, as well as an adapter micro-USB or USB-C as a function of the tablet. There are some on eBay, for example, for about forty euros.

It is then necessary to install an Android app that is not in the Google Play Store (you need to allow in the settings of the tablet to install apps from unknown sources). Then you plug the whole, and the iPhone switches mode normally CarPlay. The tablet then displayed the interface of iOS thought for the cars, and you can interact with the touch screen.

Since it is a solution to everything except official, it goes without saying that there may have bugs more or less troublesome. Stone Dandumont has tested recently a dongle CarPlay wireless works, on the detail that it produces a distorted image in landscape mode.

In view of the results random, if you want to try CarPlay just by curiosity, the best is to visit your dealer. More and more manufacturers offer cars that are compatible. Otherwise, you will find more information in the blog posts of the log of the rabbit.