Dr. Mario World has been updated and now it works !

Dr. Mario World, the latest game from Nintendo, had to go out tomorrow, it is finally available today on the App Store. Good news… except that the app is clearly too early release. You can download the app and install it on your iPhone or iPad preferred, but you will not be able to exceed the start screen.

Here’s everything that will be able to see the game for the moment… 😭

It is assumed that the launch is being done while the servers are essential to the proper functioning of the game were not quite ready. It is still necessary to wait, maybe even until tomorrow, even if we can hope that the designers of the game to be activated, now that the title is available.

We note in passing that Dr. Mario World is always posted in pre-order on the Play Store of Android. The game is translated in French and free to download on both platforms, but funded by in-app purchases. On iOS, it requires iOS 11 to a minimum and it is optimized for the iPad, even if it only works in portrait mode in all cases.

[Updated 10/07/2019 17h55] : It is Nintendo has fixed its bugs and a update 1.0.2 is available to download. It finally allows to run the game. Thank You Dadou

[Updated 9/07/2019 16h18] : you are some lucky to be able to play it. The servers may have accepted a few connections, but nothing more since. We have tested with iOS 12 and iOS 13, 4G, Wi-Fi and even in airplane mode, nothing is done.

[Updated 10/07/2019 00: 30] : if the game is still stuck on the sign ” Loading “, go to your iPhone or iPad in English (settings – General > Language and region). This should unlock the game as if by magic ! On the other hand, by switching again the French title, bim, it will remain frozen on the home screen.