Ed Sheeran married in secret to Cherry Seaborn : it confirms

Ed Sheeran (28 years) has finally confirmed that he had indeed married his love of long date, Cherry Seaborn (27 years old). Interviewed by Charlamagne Tha God on iHeartRadio, the singer said that he had left a clue to his fans in one of his pieces. This is the title Remember the Name in collaboration with Eminem and 50 cent.

It was just before that me and Cherry are married and I knew that we would be married at the time where the song would be aired. I thought people were going to hear the words and say : ‘Oh, there it is, they are married !’ I didn’t really know how it would be interpreted, “said the interpreter.

In full promotion of his new album entitled No.6 Collaborations Project, the very popular Ed Sheeran has always been very discreet about his private life and, therefore, has somewhat cracked the armor to spread his happiness. And for good reason, he had previously said, as reported by the newspaper The Sun, that the celebrity was causing in him a “anxiety catastrophic“. He explained then : “You feel like an animal zoo. I don’t want to complain, I have a job and a life nice. But I just want to avoid that.

Cherry Seaborn (whom he had met at the age of 11 years) and Ed Sheeran are friends since childhood, but only started their love story in summer of 2015 at a party hosted the 4 of July by the BFF of the lead singer, the american singer Taylor Swift. The interpreter of the tube I Don’t Care was subsequently announced on 20 January 2018 its engagement with the field hockey player on his account Instagram. According to a newspaper article in The Sun February 20, 2019, the ceremony of marriage of the two lovers was very discreet and was attended by forty guests (the families of married couples and old school friends). There is no doubt that the atmosphere would be festive.