Elisa Tovati, his blowing-a fuse : it is explained, the truth restored

Not easily fooled, people were quickly shouted at the fake. On July 13, 2019, the singer has confessed to the Parisien that this scene of jubilation was in reality a tour by the needs of one of its clips. “We were in fact in the process of turning my new clip in this restaurant. In the song The machine, I denounce the brutality with which the artists are sometimes treated. As a consumer product. In this time, when you’re doing the French song or the variety, that you have surpassed the forty years, especially a woman, the media, social networks, and sometimes the labels make you understand that you have surpassed the expiry date. I know excellent singers who have been acknowledged the next day. I wanted this clip to be as violent as this reality is, to mark the spirits. I flipped to all the artists who do not dare to do“, she explained to our colleagues.

It also shows to have filmed this video without telling his record label, with the intention of breaking his image. “Because we glue labels unbearable. Me, I’m twenty years Chochana Boutboul [his character in The Truth if I lie, editor’s NOTE], the girl next door, smooth and smiling. I wanted to show that I could break that image, “she continued. A great promotion for his new single.