Emission Strip Tease comes on to RMC Story in July

© YouTube/StripTeaseOfficiel

According to theExpress, the thirteen episodes are planned in total. An initial batch of three episodes is in production for the moment. According to BFMTV (which is part of the same group as RMC Story), this first installment will be called “The Professionals”, and each episode will follow a person to the job diverse.

The first episode will follow “The Ace of Falafel”, a staple of the Rue des Rosiers in Paris. The second will tell the story of Jean-Pierre, taxidermist of his state. Finally, the third episode will follow the daily life of Charlie K., a dératiseur in the 19th district of Paris.

Strip-Tease has marked a whole generation in iron red with its release on France 3 in 1992. The program claims to deal with “social issues” in the documentary of a new kind, where the commentators fade the most possible for the benefit of the protagonists. They therefore have the freedom to explain their lives, their passions and their doubts in scenes, sometimes funny, sometimes completely wacky. A goal assumed to transcribe the life of the subjects of the most gross possible… of the “strip”, in sum.

If a part of the public plebiscite this side is rough around the edges, the issue has not received only praise. Lingering in long sequences without commenting on the protagonists for the less disparate, sometimes with slurred speech, Striptease has often aroused controversy. This dive in the privacy of the people has sometimes been accused of “voyeurism” or “social contempt”.

A remake that ruffling the hair of the original team

Note that these next three episodes (and probably the following) will be carried out by a production company from Brussels named Matchpoint. A fact which would not have been notified the original creators Jean Libon and Marco Lamensch, who regretted that there was “neither consulted nor informed” according to Le Parisien. They question the choice of the belgian society, and deplore the fact that “under the name of the Striptease, a private channel French will distribute […] copies of a program emblematic of the public service”. They also denounce the “efficiency savings” that will are worried about compared to the final result.

Remains to wait for the 27th July to know if these new episodes will include, at least in part in the continuity of the original work, or if the protests of the creators prove to be justified. In the meantime, the original episodes are available on the official channel of the original program.