Estelle Denis : Soft photo and beautiful statement to his daughter for his 15 years

In comments, subscribers of Estelle Denis did not fail to send anniversary messages to Victory Domenech. Among them were personalities, as the host of C8 Valérie Benaïm. “15 years ! This is crazy ! Happy birthday to your pitchoune !“, a-t-she writes. Messages that will be sure to be passionate about swimming this day which is dedicated to him.

Raymond Domenech and Estelle Denis are also the proud parents of Merlin, born on July 25, 2007. For the time being, the couple is still not married. The ex-soccer player has yet made his proposal of marriage June 17, 2008 in front of millions of viewers on M6, a few minutes after the defeat, the knock of the Blues in the face of the Italy team of football (2-0) at Euro 2008. “Even today, people stop me in the street to see if I would accept a day of his proposal. (…) The wedding scares me. And one thing is for sure : organize this ceremony to me angoisserait terribly. I would be afraid of forgetting someone in the plan table“, has entrusted to Estelle Denis at Paris Match in September 2018.