Gareth Bale married : His father-in-law and the grandparents of his wife not invited

As well, Gareth Bale and Emma Rhys-Jones have expressed their desire to move away from the family of the young woman. Members of the clan McMurray have been involved in a criminal case.

In 2016, the aunt of Emma, Annabelle Williams, has been arrested for drug possession and money laundering. The following year, a briefcase containing 750 000 pounds sterling (a little more than 837 000 euros), cocaine and watches, has disappeared from the home of the grandparents of Emma. His dad is serving a sentence of six years in prison for fraud. The cousin of Emma, Peter Williams, has gone on the run after the violent of a test.

In this chaos, Gareth Bale and Emma Rhys-Jones have celebrated their love. The footballer, welsh 29-year-old and his wife are thinking to organize a party for their other relatives, who did not attend the wedding. Bale had invited any of his partners of Real Madrid.

Gareth and Emma were engaged to marry in July 2016. They are the parents of three children, Alba Violet, Nava Valentina (6, 3 years) and the youngest, Axel, was born on may 18, 2018.