Getting started : eFootball PES 2020

For the past three years, the developers of Konami provide beautiful efforts to regild the blazon of the license FEE. Gradually, it has managed to attract fans of the first hour of course, but also players who were tired of the few developments proposed by FIFA. Resurrect a license of football is not an easy task, especially when the budget is infinitely more limited than its competitor. But since about three years ago, Konami keeps the best of each opus to deliver a title more balanced. The episode of the last year marked a turning point quite clear in this direction, offering a gameplay is solid and really nice.

The japanese wants to “finish” his work on this console generation in beauty with eFootball PES 2020 (we still have trouble with the name). We have been able to ask briefly our hands on the build of the E3 for a dozen matches, and we focus on the areas he wanted to strengthen.

Let’s say it straight, the aspect graph does not leap forward. This will certainly be the case for FIFA 2020 and it seems pretty easy to understand. The generation of current consoles related to their purpose, and offer minor improvements. We appreciate greatly the new menus (purple), who wear a sobriety welcome. The title screen provides a choice of seven icons for all modes. The whole, and readable and fluid. Finally, one is tempted to say.

The graphics of the licence have made a nice leap forward for two years now. The faces of popular players are glaring truth, despite looks, sometimes a little empty. Tattoos, scars, hair cut… Nothing is missing and the lovers will have no problem to recognize the eleven of their favorite team. This is still less the case if you support a small team in chile, but it is the lot of all football games.

The bulk of the work in recent years has indeed been recovered, but the developers have done a nice job on the lighting effects in general. The hue of the game is darker, but gives the impression to see more details. The image seems a little more realistic and will do honour to the televisions that support HDR. We expect announcements regarding licenses that are missing, but we don’t get your hopes too high. Nevertheless, it is very easy to solve the problem thanks to the superb work of some fans of the community (CYPES to name one). It is waiting to express itself fully on the atmosphere of the stadiums that we appeared good, without impressing.

PES defends himself on the ground, and it is here again that the changes are notable. Contrary to what you may read here and there, it will not have to relearn how to play, especially if you practice for one or two years. However, Konami has decided to adopt a tempo that is slightly slower, which is not displeasing to us. Last year, the speed of some players (Ronaldo, Sané, Bellerin) would sometimes think of an athletic competition. These stars have to always look particularly effective, but the slowdown is a little better feel.

Some testers complained that the too great ease of play tiki-taka, but we thought it was more complicated to put in place. The dosage of the passes requires a bit more tact, and the waste seems to be more important than before. Like its predecessors, this version advocates for a return to a form of academicism, which passes through the construction, and where the final pass is as important as the goal. The studio is surrounded by Andres Iniesta for the occasion. A way to highlight its greatest strength : the feel of the ball.

It was well enjoyed that side with the version in 2019, but this PES adds new animations quite enjoyable. This is obviously the case on the controls, more varied and realistic, regardless of the angle of arrival of the ball.

Here again, the level of the player greatly affects its capacity to catch up properly the leather, or to circulate it directly, but certain movements will delight the purists. Control of the tibia, and the breastplate, heeling powerful, happening in the wing of a pigeon, the ball can bounce twice before falling back on the grass.

This creates a real fluidity to the set, even for the spectators. The new dynamic camera, at default to be the most ergonomic, boosts really feel of attending a real meeting. Game of football requires (a game lasts only ten minutes) the box-to-box is put in the spotlight, but as of episodes, Konami has given more resources to defenses, and the last thirty feet away appear to us to be a little more complex to penetrate.

It is clearly visible on these moments that the developer nippon most fun to work with. At this moment if rewarding where the environments start to walk, and rapidly accelerated to find the fault and make a pass. A double-tap on R2 can send the ball far in front and to attempt acceleration to be quite useful. It is in this perspective that they have developed the ” dribbling finesse “

The latter allows, by pressing the right analog stick, dribbling in surfaces not larger than a pin head. A very pleasant sensation, even if it is not so simple to achieve. We can’t wait to spend more time on the issue, hoping all the while that it is not a new killer feature, that can in the long unbalance the game.

This did not, however, seem to be the case, since the “knitters” will do to a defensive pressure important if the AI is high. Do not expect that the defense snaps alone. But a harassment to the limit of the fault becomes more interesting, because the strikes now require more tact and dosage to be regulated. A scramble or a draw of the jersey before the snap and it will very likely be in the stands. The angle of the foot that touches the ball is really its importance, and that is a good point. We should see some external well felt in the months to come.

We take this opportunity to note that the impact between players have once again been the subject of a fine work. It was almost bad when we see the two protagonists equidistant from the ball kicking, inevitably, the one on the other. The protection of ball is more realistic and the ball carrier does not hesitate to push a player with your hand to see him give a real shot in the hip to have the time necessary to hit or make a pass. It is hoped that this will encourage a little more play in the pivot, which was not as effective in the past. One thing is for sure, the teams of equal level will struggle to set foot on the leather, and it is hoped that the arbitration will be a bit more severe.

We haven’t been able to try other modes, which we will talk about it. Konami communicates a lot about the overhaul of the Master League, who will be able to afford to use a coach, legendary as Cruyff or Maradonna. Discussions multiple-choice are referred to, and we cannot wait to see how it all is staged.

Same observation on MyClub, which is now the competitor’s more affordable (much better) it WAS, and which is to be expected at the turn, notably on the issues of matchmaking and team management.

The general impression is (very) good, and it is now up to developers to do everything to fine tune everything to the max. It could be a great way to push new players in search of novelties to make the transition. It is hoped that this will be played more on the ground as green as that of the marketing. Appointment on 10 September.