Google is going to tackle the pubs too heavy in Chrome

With Chrome, Google hopes to propose a navigation fluid and capabilities. The browser in question has become the most used in the world and produces colossal profits through advertising. However, the latter sometimes becomes his main enemy. The giant of Mountain View has, therefore, first decided to tackle the ads intrusive, blocking them, but will this time focus on the ” heavy ads “, that is to say, those who consume too much resources.

This is what we learn from the blog of Chromium, which specifies that the ad blocker built into Google Chrome will be activated as soon as July 9, in the world. These measures are based on the measures set out by the Coalition for Better Ads, which focused on these two types of advertising are harmful. Are considered as “intrusive” as the display type pop-up, countdown before the loading of the page or the other ads scrolling.

Credit : Coalition for Better Ads

The site in question states that a new feature aimed at limiting or even blocking the loading of banners using “an enormous amount of system resources,” should also see the light of day. The firm will particularly focus on these ads and ad targeting to those who consume more than 4 Mb/s, or 0.1% of the bandwidth. The user may see a notification explaining to him that the advertising in question was using too many resources and that Google has simply removed.

It is not known exactly when this will be implemented, but this shows that Google is actively working to better manage the issue of online advertising. It is a market too huge to treat it lightly.