Gran Turismo : The next installment of the license may rely on the VR

Credits Polyphony Digital

Nearly two years after the release of Gran Turismo Sport released in October 2017, this is the creator of the franchise, Kazunori Yamauchi himself, who confirmed the development of a new game to the site GTPlanet. If there is little suspense as to the fact that the next Gran Turismo should come out on the next console from Sony, the designer of the saga has not hesitated to evoke the possibilities offered by the technology VR.

“I love the virtual reality. I am one of those who believe in its possibilities, and who think that it is perfectly suited to a driving game” — Kazunori Yamauchi

Until now gun-shy in the face of virtual reality, the Gran Turismo Sport, which was already rubbed the PSVR fairly basic a few years ago. A taste that had obviously pleased the fans, eager to further exploitation of the technology. With the release of the PlayStation 5, which is scheduled for next year, it’s a safe bet that the technology VR range by Sony should be widely improved, allowing for a more realistic immersion for the players. “Obviously, things will probably improve with time, and we will make sure to follow”, explained Kazunori Yamauchi, before concluding “It (the virtual reality, editor’s NOTE) a technology where there will never be enough computing power, there will always be this hard limit that will never be high enough”. If it is still a little early to say yes or no, the next installment of Gran Turismo will make the beautiful part to the VR, it would seem that the studio Polyphony Digital is already thinking seriously.