Gregory : What he refuses to his children…

Gregory is back with several projects under his arm. The singer of 40 years has offered its fans a disc only available in digital titled Experiences composed of securities of electro and songs in piano voice. He also collaborated in the musical” Bernadette of Lourdes. He responded to the interview NRV of and referred in particular to his children.

With his wife the producer Eléonore de Galard, Gregory had two children : Paul (6 years old) and Leopoldine (4 years). Asked if reality tv was a topic that could be the NRV, the artist replied cash : what he refuses is to let his children watch. “It depends on what is called reality tv. I love Koh-Lanta for example. After that, is that The Voice is a reality television show ? If yes, then no, it ain’t me not venerate. After that, there are other stuff actually, it’s not that I worship it’s just that I find that it has no interest to lock people in a house at the other end of the world“, he said. And the interpreter of the tube You + Me to add : “My children would watch them not like it. I prefer that we watch a documentary or something else.

Among the other topics brought up, Gregory took to the people who regularly criticizes the troupe Enfoirés. “Especially as most of the time it comes from a person who don’t do anything for the other. I believe in the principle of looking at ourselves first. It must really, really be flawless when even to be able to criticize, especially that. I don’t understand“, he said.

The singer has also referred to the hangover or the violence of the social networks, him that had been notably mocked for his recovery of a tube of Oasis.

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Thomas Montet