Harry Potter Wizards Unite : How to start in the game ?

Credits Niantic

Unlike Pokémon GB, or the creation of the character was anecdotal, if not outright absent, the exercise has great importance in Harry Potter, Wizards Unite. In addition to being able to customize your home, and your wand, it will also be possible to choose a profession from level 6, which will determine your future skills, but also your statistics. If you’re more of a DPS, try to focus on the Aurors (red team), who will be able to hurt the evil creatures on your way. For Healers, the Magizoologistes (team blue) are indicated, since they allow to take care of the Beasts. Finally, if you hesitate between the damage and the care, opt for a career as a Teacher, versatile and particularly effective against the Sights. In case of doubt do not panic, sinceit is possible to change profession at any time from the tab identity Card.