Harry Roselmack, proud of his children : why his son Leroy was very moved

Harry Roselmack is proud of his children.

Questioned by our colleagues Here, former presenter of the journal de 20h of TF1 is briefly returned to its 20 years of marriage with Chrislaine, a union that “the student”, but it mostly spoke of her children Omaya (12 years), Yanaël (11 years) and Leroy (9 years).

He commented : “What impresses me is that at their age, they are attentive to the other. The teachers tell us that Omaya and Yanaël take care of their comrades in difficulty. And I was very moved when Leroy introduced me to his best friend who had a disability. They have a great heart and for me, this is essential.” And to continue on adolescence that the tip of its nose : “Me, I was a child, rather wise, but hey, if there are crises, we’ll see… We don’t have the choice, it is a rite of passage. For me, children, this is life, so it must accommodate the most natural way possible.

As a reminder, next professional, Harry Roselmack promotes currently the DVD release of his film Fracture. A film of which he is the writer and director, in which he plays… as well as his wife. The journalist, 46-year-old has also written thirteen of the eighteen titles present on the soundtrack of the movie entitled” Destination Love which is also available. “I like to create. As long as one has the desire and the means, why not ? Initially, I had written a story without the intention to turn it myself, but, in the end, I had a vision so precise and the subject was so touchy [national identity, and radicalization, ED.], that I preferred to take the risk of all-assume end-to-end“, he explained.