Headphones Sony WF-1000XM3 want to silence the AirPods

As magical as they are, the AirPods are not yet perfect. One of their defects, it is the lack of isolation, which forces us to push the sound in a noisy environment. Sony is a powerful propose of headphones completely wireless which fill this gap. After the WF–1000X out two years ago, that their successors, the WF–1000XM3, which resemble always more to Bluetooth headsets that headphones.

This is for a miniature headset WH–1000X M3 (the name is almost identical) available since last year. The headphones WF–1000XM3 are in-ear and feature a technology of noise reduction active, taking advantage of a new signal processor and two microphones. This attire provides ” the best reduction of noise in the market “ for headphones, promises Sony.

The new processor is also more energy efficient, which is welcome, since the autonomy is increased from three to six hours with the noise reduction active, or even eight without this function. The case, which is not compatible with the Qi standard, provides up to three full loads of overtime and 10 minutes of charging is enough to give 90 minutes of battery life.

Finished the mechanical buttons, the touch screen controls, such as on the helmet. By putting his finger on the touch pad of the left earpiece activates the mode “prompt Attention,” which leaves temporarily switch the ambient noise, the time to respond to someone in the street, for example.

In other functions, you can include the pause and auto resume playback when one removes a listener then you give it. Google Wizard is supported and the application Sony Headphones Connect offers a variety of settings.

The headphones WF–1000XM3 are already on preorder in black and silver at 250 €, or 30 € more than the AirPods 2 with charging case wireless. The release is scheduled for the 5th of August.

According to the journalist Mark Gurman, generally well-informed, Apple is working on AirPods with a noise reduction system active (and water resistant). This generation would have been scheduled for the end of this year, but as Apple launched the AirPods 2 later than expected, we wonder if the output will not be postponed to the next year.