Huawei opens two new “Flagship Stores” in Paris and Madrid

© Huawei

The first store Huawei in Paris should ouvroir its doors by the end of 2019, two years after the first service centre in 2017. It was a place dedicated to the service-after-sale, which will not be the case of this new building. This time, it should be a store in good and due form, which will include a service centre to the floor.

It will be located 9 Boulevard des Capucines in the Opera district. And after the design director François Durin, it should be a showcase rather chic, furnished with noble materials. The place desired by the company seem more like a cultural space, and digital high-end, with the absence of cashier at the exit, a photo gallery, or meeting rooms. Remains to be seen if the bet to play the card “French Touch” will be paying for the chinese brand, which will have to do with the competition from Apple and Samsung, are already well established in the Opera district.

In parallel, a second Flagship Store opened today in Madrid. It is the largest store Huawei open outside of China, with approximately 1100m2.

Huawei in mission (re)conquest

This development strategy was very aggressive in Europe is certainly a way for the brand to show a serene image, so that it is at the centre of a genuine trade war between China and the United States.

A way to reassure investors, potentially concerned about the sanctions imposed by the administration to Trump, but also the guests who had been able to take fear following the loss of the right of the mark-to-use Android and all other affiliated services from near or far to Google.

This strategy seems to be bearing fruit, as the group displayed a relative good health in Europe, to the point of becoming the second manufacturer in the Old Continent.