I’m a celebrity… : Julien Lepers eliminated, Alexandra Rosenfeld in tears

Eleven celebrities have accepted to participate in the show I’m a celebrity, get me out of there and live for several weeks in a camp precarious in South Africa. The goal : to stay as long as possible in the adventure to win a maximum of money for their association. Julien Lepers, Alexandra Rosenfeld, Candice Pascal, Capucine Anav, Brahim Asloum, Giovanni Bonamy, Frédérick Bousquet, Nilusi Nissanka, Sloane, Frederick Longbois (The Voice) and Gérard Vives have responded to this challenge.

Leap into the void and tears

The adventure starts straight away as, just landed, the celebrities are faced with the blank. They have the choice between jumping to the elastic band and down the mountain via a stairway. Each jump elastic refers to a jar filled with food. The boxing champion Brahim Asloum is the first one to start in a vacuum. It is followed by Candice Pascal and Frédérick Bousquet who jump in duo. Same thing for Capucine Anav who is in tears and Giovanni Bonamy. While she was totally reluctant to the idea of jump, Alexandra Rosenfeld starts to turn. Plagued by fear, she cries, thinking to give up and rises finally.

Only Sloane and Julien Lepers do not realize the big plunge. So, it was Impossible for them to earn the food to the other members of the team.

It is now time for celebrities to elect a camp leader. Frédéric Longbois volunteer. Then comes the discovery of their place of living. The scary noises of the animals, the camp beds in the open air and a dry toilet leave some perplexed. The first night is difficult for celebrities. Some like Candice Pascal have not closed the eye.

Race of the stars

It allows the celebrities of comforts for their camp. It is the group’s leader, Frédéric Longbois, which means that addresses this first challenge not knowing what it is. Julien Lepers, Sloane, Giovanni Bonamy, Brahim Asloum, Gérard Vives, Nilusi Nissanka and Candice Pascal accompany them.

The rule of the game : Candice Pascal has to make a puzzle, while the faces of his comrades are at the mercy of beasts of all kinds. Brahim Asloum is in the middle of the mouse, Giovanni cockroaches, Julien Lepers of chicks (which is rather nice). Giovanni yells with your mouth closed, so that Nilusi Nissanka, threatened by the scorpions, rest zen. Giovanni finally asked to leave (and we forgive him). It is losing two stars to his team. Frédéric Longbois leaves the game, it is still two stars less. Celebrities earn in the final six stars.

With their winnings, they buy lighters, an ostrich egg, vegetables, and fruits.

Test of trunk

Alexandra Rosenfeld, Capucine Anav, Frédérick Bousquet, Gérard Vives are scheduled to attend this event during which they can earn money for the associations. To do this, one of the four celebrities must jump to ball up in a ball (there’s five of them suspended in the void) and link them together. The other three celebrities help in giving him the momentum. They earn 20 000 euros.


Each candidate may protect a person from the camp. It is the chef Frédéric Longbois that begins and chooses to protect Sloane. The latter protects Frédérick Bousquet who chooses Nilusi Nissanka. The young singer brings his choice on Giovanni Bonamy, who decides to protect Capucine Anav. The pretty brunette has made a covenant with Alexandra Rosenfeld and Candice Pascal. Girls protect themselves so between them.

Brahim Asloum, Julien Lepers, and Gérard Vives compete in the elimination round. All three take place in a kind of swimming pool is muddy. They must find a number that allows them to open a padlock. In this darts. With a blowgun, they must blow up the balloons to their face. The first that happens is Brahim Asloum, he became leader of the camp and remains in the adventure. Julien Lepers is the one who is doing the least well. It is, therefore, eliminated !